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The BCU 1525 is a Xilinx VU9P  based fgpa board specifically optimized for crypto mining. The board is compatible with the earlier VCU 1525 line of boards but its design has been greatly improved to deliver reliable performance in 24/7 operation.

Improvements include:

  • Voltage regulators upgraded from engineering to industrial spec increasing supported continuous temperature from 85C to 125C.
  • Increased inductor capacity removing them completely as bottle neck for power delivery.Increased capacity in pcb for power delivery to fpga.
  • Modified placement of heat generating components to reduce heat generation from backside of the card.
  • Greatly increased passive heatsink performance.
  • Improved BMC firmware allowing software integration with onboard controller chips enabling live voltage control and monitoring of board vitals.
  • Improved configuration of onboard components for increased hardware safety in situations where anomalous sensor readings are detected.
  • Allmine shell efuse keys enabling access to ecosystem of bitstreams

The fpga in this board contain the efuse key required to run the Allmine crypto shell.

Note: This board require high cooling capability. The passive coolers on these boards are designed to go into server chassis with high static pressure fans. If noise is a concern consider using a water cooled card instead.

Option: This board come with 4 DIMM slots for DDR4 RAM, you may choose to add 4x4GB RAM to be ready for when bitstreams requiring it are released.

Option: This board can be water cooled, you may choose to add a Dimastech waterblock to replace the passive air cooler.

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