BlackMiner F1+

 3,200.00  2,850.00

The Blackminer F1+ contains 3 hash boards, which has updated hardware design and product structure of Blackminer F1. It’s mining efficiency is greatly improved through its extrodinary performance in heat dissipation.

Blackminer F1+ supports the same algorithms as Blackminer F1.

A power supply with DC12V output is needed. (power supply over1300W is recommanded)

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Power Supply:DC 12V

Power:Depend on different algorithms, power >1300W is recommended

Volume:430mm × 290mm × 240mm(with package)

Weight:5.047kg(net),6.0kg(with package)

Operating ambient temperature:-30℃ ~ 40℃


Miner Purchase

1. Blackminer F1+ priced and sold in US dollars. BTC and GUSD are accepted as payment. The BTC price is according to CoinDesk BPI real-time exchange rate settlement.

2. The order can not be cancelled after customer completes the order and pays the order successfully.

3. Customer can request to send the mining machine to the designated address after payment.

4. Customer can choose to host the machine in the official data center. The machines are managed and maintained by professionals.

5. Customer can suspend the hosting at any time, and the machine can be sent to the designated location at any time.


Algorithm plugin:
lyra2z: 93.0 MH/s
skeincoin: 7.56 GH/s
xvg_lyra2rev2: 324.0 MH/s
phi1612: 470.0 MH/s
tribus: 4.4 GH/s
nexus: 3.87 GH/s
bcx: 26.0 GH/s
0xbtc: 35.2 GH/s
keccak: 34.9 GH/s
xdag: 27.0 GH/s
zp: 35.2 GH/s
verus: 100.8 GH/s
keccakc: 34.9 GH/s
keccakd: 34.9 GH/s
amoveo: 82.6 GH/s
sha3d: 13.6 GH/s
verus2: 411.0 MH/s
bcd: 278.0 MH/s
lyra2rev3: 360.0 MH/s
Power on wall: 1.0 KW
Additional Information
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 43 × 29 × 24 cm